Lai Sun, a Hong Kong based real estate developer, in conjunction with New York based culture consultants AEA asked Eyeball and B&K to create this video proposal for a destination resort and R&D facility based around the culture of video games, to be built on an island next to Macau. This video was the pitch for PRC govement officaials. 
UPDATE: PRC officals liked what they saw. This is actually being built!
Style frames
Storyboards by Michael Marsicano
Concept art by Roger Hom
Architectural style frames by Dimitri Luedeman and Yuki Nakajima
VZone logo by Mark Bellncula
Creative Direction; Mark Bellncula
Executive Producer; Ben Spivak
Strategy; Michael Uman. 
Producer; Danny Beaser
Art Directors; Chieh Yen and Dimitri Luedemann
Editor; Eron Otcasek
Designers; Mia Rockel & Yuki Nakajima
Animators; Amber Kusmenko & Patrick Arrington
VFX & Compositing; Joe Brigati, Jack Simpson & Johan Wiberg
Produced at Eyeball NYC.
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