Live the InterContinental Life.
As part of their Live the InterContinental Life campaign, InterContinental Hotels have developed an online magazine and content hub. Interview based podcasts recorded in London, Beijing, and New York City told stories of worldliness, fascination and empathy. B&K, in collaboration with Smith Creative Labs, was tasked with creating the animation content to help bring these podcasts to life. We collaborated with illustrator Greg Betza to establish a subtle and sophisticated look that could embody the brand values of InterContinental Hotels.
Behind the scenes / NYC character detail - Greg Betza
Behind the scenes / NYC character sequences - Greg Betza
Behind the scenes / Grand Central Station platform layout - Greg Betza
Behind the scenes / Empathy and wine sequence - Greg Betza
Behind the scenes / Mr. Betza grinding out frames.
Illustrated by Greg Betza
Directed and Animated by Mark Bellncula
Produced by Smith Creative Labs
Creative Director Alex Smith / Smith Creative Labs
Executive Producer Geraint Owen / Smith Creative Labs
Agency / Mirum
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